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No surprises at the airport

For holidays by plain, hand luggage is included in the price for every traveler from 2 years old. The weight of this can differ per airline. The conditions per airline can be found on the flight and transfer page. 

Do you also want to take checked luggage with you? Then you can easily book this up to 5 days before departure via My Sunweb. On the flight and transfer page you will find the conditions for checked luggage per airline, such as dimensions, weight and costs.

You can indicate different luggage such as diving equipment, bicycle or surfboard during the online booking. If you pass this on immediately, an employee of the Contact Center will contact you after booking. The employee will then go through the procedure with you. If you would like to add deviating baggage at a later date, please contact our Customer Service. They can help you to still book this.

If you have booked additional luggage via Sunweb, you will find a luggage voucher with your travel documents. Always check whether you have booked sufficient luggage. If it turns out at the airport that you have brought more luggage than allowed, you will have to pay on the spot. These rates are often higher than if you have pre-booked the luggage.

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Book additional luggage

Have you already booked your holiday and do you want to book additional luggage? This can be done quickly and easily via 'edit booking' in My Sunweb. 

Special luggage

Always inform us if you want to bring special luggage; such as diving or golf equipment, a bicycle, musical instruments, etc. 

Extensive information

Every airline has its own luggage rules. View the detailed rules per airline here.