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The time is (s)now: book your last minute deal starting at £199

With perfect conditions, the ski season 2023/2024 is in full swing! Are you excited to get back on the slopes? With our last minute deals, you can book your ski trip starting from £199 per person*. This price always includes the lift pass, and allows you to enjoy all our unique benefits for your flexible ski holiday.

The best deals go quickly, so try not to wait too long. Whether you're a family, couple, or group of friends, we have options for you. When the slopes are so close, you can almost taste that fresh mountain air... Truly, the time is (s)now.

*Based on a 4 persons booking.

Why book a last minute ski deal?

A last minute deal is good if you don’t have the time (or energy) to plan miles in advance. You can book late and leave all the detail to us; we do this for a living!  At Sunweb, you’ll find last moment ski breaks to all of Europe’s best loved destinations like Italy, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

Every ski holiday comes with a lift pass included. All you need is a love of deep snow and mountain views. Looking for something different? A last minute ski holiday Andorra, Sweden, and Norway come highly recommended.

Last minute ski weekends

Thinking of a long weekend in the mountains? We have great options for weekend skiing throughout the season. That said, it's hard to find a cheaper ski weekend than the one you book on Wednesday!. This is exactly how exciting adventures are meant to be: spontaneous! 

Last minute mountains...

If you’re flexible, it’s easy. By booking your ski trip early, you get more choice, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be out of options later. People cancel at the last minute and space becomes free. These places need to be filled quickly, and that’s where you come in!

We also share hand picked Snow Deals, all year round. You’re free to book those whenever you like!

So what’s the (ski holiday) deal?

There are good reasons to book at the last moment. But what about the drawbacks? Well, if you need lots of time to polish your gear and plan your diary, this approach might feel a bit new. But when you arrive, it’s exactly the same as normal, just cheaper. However, planning a last minute ski holiday can feel too exciting for some people.

Other companies offer cheap deals. They can look good on the page, but when you arrive things are badly organised or not quite as expected. Not always, but it happens, and it’s a risk. You basically need to compromise, and that defeats the whole point of a relaxing ski trip.

In this scenario, you save money but gain stress (and disappointment).

It’s different when you book a last minute ski holiday with Sunweb.

World's Best Ski Tour Operator

Our ski holidays were voted the best in the world. We’ve been organising snow-fuelled happiness for 30 years, and we know how to give you a great holiday, whether you book at the last moment or a leap year in advance.

With us, you don’t lose out by booking late. In terms of built-in benefits, you get the same service as everyone else; ski guide on location, discounted equipment, cheaper lessons etc.

You pay less because you’re flexible and our partners have unexpected capacity. It’s that simple.